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8/25/22 New Trail Signs installed

New signs installed at trailheads on the Allegheny Highlands Trail (AHT) welcome trail
users with maps and other information.

The colorful 4 x 4 ft. signs were designed by Highlands Trail Foundation (HTF) AmeriCorps
member, Daniel Flood, as part of a project titled “Kiosk Refresh.”

“We are thrilled with the results of Dan’s project, and inspired to pursue other updates at the
kiosks,” said HTF president, Karen Carper.

Flood and volunteers installed a total of six signs at trailheads, including Highland Park, Gilman,
Kerens, Montrose, Porterwood, and Parsons.

“The Highlands Trail Foundation sincerely appreciates Dan’s work, and the time contributed by
volunteers to complete this project,” Carper said.

The Kiosk Refresh project is supported by a Tourism Development Grant awarded to the HTF by
the Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area.

Support was also provided by the West Virginia Division of Highways. As match for the grant, the
WVDOH removed kiosks doors to make way for the signs and installed new cork board on the reverse sides. Local organizations are welcome to post flyers about recreational events that may be of interest to trail users on the trailhead bulletin boards.

Additional panels will be created this fall for AHT trailheads on the Monongahela National Forest
at Nursery Bottom and Hendricks.

Looking to the future, Carper said other kiosk updates may include refurbishing wooden
trailhead signs and painting structures, which are now more than 20 years old. “It’s amazing what a bit of color does to make them look fresh,” Carper said.


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3/25/22 HTF Events in April!

The Highlands Trail Foundation will be present at the Ramps and Rail Festival on April 23rd in Elkins. We will have a booth at the event and organize a community ride at roughly 10 am. The following weekend on the 30th we will be having a trail cleanup event. You can reach out to us through our website or on Facebook to sign up online, you can also sign up in person at the Festival. We appreciate any help from our volunteers on this momumental and important task. After you reach out to us we will get back to you with a meeting place and a section of trail your party will be responsible for. Bags and grabbers will be provided by the Adopt a Highway Program. We hope to see you this April!

2/12/22 Introduction to our New Board Members

We would like to formally introduce our new board memebers. You may know Stephanie Murphy, from her work with the town of Parsons. We also have owner of Piccolo Paula's Jon Bush joining our board with another Parsons local Sam Blosser. Lastly we have Bill Hartman from Elkins for a total of four new board members. With the growth of our organization there are many exciting developments in the works that we will be glad to share with you shortly!

9/12/21 Blackwater Canyon Half Marathon Success!

It’s a wrap. Hard to top a race where a bald eagle soars low and slow over the START minutes before takeoff. So fitting on this 9/11 anniversary. Sarah Forbes - Queen for the day. She runs a great race. Thanks to the board, volunteers, and AmeriCorp support.


9/12/21 New AmeriCorps

Welcome Daniel Flood, AFNHA AmeriCorp! And thank-you Town of Hendricks for allowing Highlands Trail Foundation to utilize office space at Hendricks City Hall (HCH). Daniel will be on-site at HCH most Mondays and Wednesdays 10-2 and otherwise will be out doing trail monitoring and conservation / civic engagement projects.
Daniel hails from Long Island, New York. He recently graduated from Stony Brook University. He likes to mountain bike, enjoys music, and he has a love of animals and the outdoors. He looks forward to being personally invested in the stewardship of nature and the great state of West Virginia. 

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